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Sewing Thread Twisting Machine
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Product: Views:432Sewing Thread Twisting Machine 
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Last updated: 2019-01-31 01:58

We endeavor to research and develop new type of twisting machine to make it quick and beneficial in the thread making industry. In our part, we would like to take more profit to our customers and we may earn less to build up a good business relationship. We are not only having business relationship, but also are good friends. We would enjoy working with you, if you have any idea please contact us.

DT2007 High-tech composite twisting machine is upgraded based on DT98 twisting machine using one-step twisting process. It owns traits such as Japanese Mitsubishi conversion control, high-speed imported oil bearing steel, CNC forming, and 1-2kg capacity ring without knot, running in a high speed etc.

Product tapes: fishing net thread, sewing thread, embroidery thread, bag&suitcase thread, zipper thread, knitting yarn, etc.

Applicable scope: Filament 50D—1000D. Polyethylene 1shares—5shares.

Plied yarn: Filament 150D--3000D. Polyethylene 3shanres--15shares.

All drafting assemble are of same standard. A wide variety of effect yarns (roving) can be fit .The core roller provides good stability to form twisting yarn.The ring and loop from with the hollow spindles accommodating binding cops.All drafting assembles composed by frequency control ,which is not only convenient for the machine adjustment ,but also to enable the roller change speeds the variety of the fancy yarns and meanwhile is good in stability and high production capacity.

Spindle arrangement



Supply spindle NO. (1section)



Ring spindle NO. (1section)



Supply spindle NO. (10section)



Ring spindle NO. (10section)



Main Technical Date:

Twist range

120 to 1250t/m, 3 to 31t/inch

Twist direction

S or Z changeable

Assemble ends


Roller diameter




Max.winding height


Spindle driving

Upper Dragon Belt Drive and Lower Spindle Belt Drive

Start mode

Stepless speed controlled by inverter

Spindle speed


Take-up bobbin capacity


Max.installed power


Overall Size



China's traditional twisting technology USES a number of equipment for the first twist, doubling and multiple procedures such as double twist, its disadvantages are the need of labor, low degree of automation, equipment and plant investment, liquidity, large energy consumption. The overseas one-step compound twister started earlier than the domestic one, and has formed a good development momentum, the representative Italian LEMA company and Japanese shiki co., LTD. Domestic enterprises have imitated the one-step compound twister, the level of the level in the 1970s. Spindle speed is low, because this kind of device installed capacity is small, can not adapt to the weaving products with thread, and adopts the mechanical mode control, technology level backward, into a single tube shape, twist and twist to adjust difficult, can't really achieve real-time control, can meet the production weaving with shares and to meet the requirements of many varieties, small batch. Therefore, the high degree of automation, high production efficiency, suitable for weaving yarn small batch, multi-variety production of computer-controlled composite twister is more and more favored by the twister production enterprises.

Focusing on the combination of production, study and research, with strong scientific research force as the backing, tracking the international advanced level, the product won two municipal science and technology progress second prize. The "one-step CNC compound twister", which is recognized by zhejiang provincial science and technology department as leading domestic counterparts in technology, adopts the form of double-sided and double-layer, and integrates the necessary processes of first twist, merging and double twist for manufacturing line into one equipment for one-step completion. The twister adopts computer control technology to realize the real-time automatic adjustment of the twist of the first twist and the dynamic constant control of the twist ratio of the second twist. The process parameters, such as slow start and dynamic speed regulation of twist-twist spindles, winding Angle and tube-forming form, differential micromotion and cycle, self-stop of full tube-filling, etc., are set freely and monitored in the whole process. The product can shorten traditional technological process and improve productivity. The winding forming of strand is controlled by stepping motor computer, the number of forming types is increased, and the quality of tube is improved. By controlling the dynamics of frequency conversion intelligently by computer, the change of the first twist rate with the change of the second twist rate is achieved, and the real-time monitoring of the twist ratio of the first twist and the second twist is realized, thus the unevenness of the first twist is effectively controlled. At the beginning of this control mode also makes the twisting process of full computerized setting and control is very convenient, into line with a range of specifications, is good for many varieties, small batch and the fast pace of twisting mode of production, can be convenient to realize all kinds of winding and form into a cylinder, widely used in embroidery thread, bags line, knitted wire, woven wire twisting the preparation of engineering.